11/2/2011 Und

Frantic adventure update before the game.

Games from 10/20/2011 and 10/27/2011
The super abridged version.

  • Got Fuum Consortium’s help with the potential Plaxian threat.
  • Met with Rhen Basnith and went to the Observatory.
  • Went to Paradox Bridge, met with their past, present, and future.
  • At the Bridge, had an encounter with a mysterious being of great power.
  • Went to meet the Rykan, but got sidetracked at the Welk Arena.
  • Rhen thoughtbombed the arena, and the party awoke in a restaurant, where Rhen picked up the tab.
  • The Rykan sent the party off to secure a business contract with the Slith.
  • The head of the Shatam Industrial Complex would agree to the contract if they when undercover and moved some equipment.
  • They returned to the Rykan with confirmation of the contract.
  • Kurotama is found by The Path which lead him to a valley overlooking a massive Plaxian structure.

That is all.



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