9/15/11 UND
What are these things?

After a recent encounter with the SPOILER, the party decides to do some research. They ‘jumped to the Toneb Research Facility on Liluri where they found out that there were other recorded encounters with the SPOILER. They then went to Havenwood to talk to Promethias’ friend, Birch. The Party then learned that there have been some strange lights in the Forrest of Whispers. They proceeded to investigate the lights…

9/20/2011 UND

The party has discovered the name of this new threat, the Plaxians(until recently known as SPOIlER). They managed to remove two of these creatures from forest of whispers on Havenwood. They now are on a quest to acquire weapons more effective against the Plaxians, leading them to New Laurasia…

9/29/2011 UND

The ship looks exactly like you imagine it to be, because I don’t have a picture of it yet. “Zach, why does it look like a penis?”
and for dealing with all of the penis jokes, 5 exp.

10/6/2011 UND

Failure to read maps: 5 exp
Debating about breaking the 4th wall: 2 exp
breaking into a bank, to rescue hostages: 25 exp
Stealing pens, because we can: 1 exp
“Death Punch!” yeah the Fuum is dead.
“Let me have my corpse!” Prometheus
I must be in the Boughmor heaven.
Personal Ignition Device. Enough said.

Before leaving New Laurasia, the party was asked to put down a revolutionary group that had taken hostages at a local bank. During the confrontation with the Leader, they found out that then name of the group starting the revolution was called “The Order.” They then proceeded to Slathaia, where the removed a plaxian from one of the Node’s Agricultural structures.

10/13/2011 UND

before passing out “Need…vodka.”
It’s leaking what looks like …sprite?

As the Party worked to make sure the Southern slopes of the Damerial Range on Slathia, they encountered more plaxians moving crates of machine parts up the slopes to a landing site. They also encountered a dying plaxian named Pequarr, how told them that his race was not aggressive, only the members of a movement called “Reaper’s Order” were. The party payed their respects to him with a funeral pyre

11/2/2011 Und

Frantic adventure update before the game.

Games from 10/20/2011 and 10/27/2011
The super abridged version.

  • Got Fuum Consortium’s help with the potential Plaxian threat.
  • Met with Rhen Basnith and went to the Observatory.
  • Went to Paradox Bridge, met with their past, present, and future.
  • At the Bridge, had an encounter with a mysterious being of great power.
  • Went to meet the Rykan, but got sidetracked at the Welk Arena.
  • Rhen thoughtbombed the arena, and the party awoke in a restaurant, where Rhen picked up the tab.
  • The Rykan sent the party off to secure a business contract with the Slith.
  • The head of the Shatam Industrial Complex would agree to the contract if they when undercover and moved some equipment.
  • They returned to the Rykan with confirmation of the contract.
  • Kurotama is found by The Path which lead him to a valley overlooking a massive Plaxian structure.

That is all.

12/4/11 UND

Post game report:

Reaper: Dead

Party: Alive
Fuum: Instructor at Razorfin
Boughmor: Position in the Republic, married a tetary copy of Rhen Basith
Slith: Hold unspecified position of power
Sckhii: abducted by the Dutch, nuf said.


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